Regenerating Yourself

window of opportunity

 “Every day we suffer damage and don’t perfectly repair it,” explains James Vaupel, American scientist “…and this accumulation of unrepaired damage is what causes age-related disease.” It’s not a trait that is shared by all living organisms. Hydra for example – a group of simple, jellyfish-like creatures – are able to repair almost all the damage they suffer, and readily slough cells that are too injured to heal. In humans, it’s damaged cells like these that can give rise to cancerous tumours.

Perhaps we are not that different to a jellyfish after all…

brain, spine and jellyfish

The human brain and spinal chord together are the essence of all that we are. This part of the human body structure is what makes us human. All the other organs and physical structures are just additional features and abilities! If , like the jellyfish or hydra we lost the ability to ‘shed’ cells physically in order to repair damage, and ageing and diseased cells are a direct result of this, then the ability to adapt and evolve in a way that means we can repair and heal damage with the core of our consciousness is very possible.  The incredible human mind and Central Nervous System are the key.

Understanding the enormity of spiritual strength, power and healing is nothing new. It has been discussed since before the time of the Ancient Egyptians, and in many cultures who believe in the afterlife.  So how can we renew ourselves time and time again? The human body can regenerate it’s cell types in regular cycles, so it stands to reason that the best chance of being ‘good as new’ at a cellular level is to rigorously maintain a detox or cleansing programme so that any harmful or destructive substances ingested or inhaled are not obliterating the regeneration of cells on a daily basis.

cell regeneration


The longer we can maintain any purification process, the better the chances of regeneration. We are all more than familiar with the many things we shouldn’t be doing to our bodies and minds, and making the decision to rid ourselves of destructive man made chemicals, foods (especially sugars, alcohol, tobacco, and elevated amounts of carbohydrates) together with regular outdoor exercise to recharge the battery cells of our bodies is the best way to start loving ourselves properly.  Avoidance wherever possible of traumatic ‘fight or flight’ holds over us and situations of prolonged stress are also essential for keeping emotional health in tact.  Making the necessary changes to any other potentially harmful environment is the only way we maintain the renewal at a cellular level.  From this base, the spiritual growth and healing of the mind will naturally follow.  This then strengthens the physical healing abilities even further. When these advisories are adhered to and we begin to see the evidence for ourselves that it all contributes to a healthier-happier self, we can start to feel confident in the knowledge that everyday we have the opportunity to renew ourselves.

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