BE the Change You Want to See (Part 1)


What is it that prompts change? There can be many reasons, but fundamentally I believe it is simply an imbalance.

We are all subjected to external and internal ‘balance’ every moment of every day.

Between the stimulus

There are those who never wish to investigate or question how and why the world ‘operates’ the way it does and then there are those who spend their lifetime learning how to facilitate change and putting it into practice in order to make improvements.  It’s not really about the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ – if you wanted for nothing materially, would you still be able to say you were truly fulfilled?

Definition of ‘Fulfilled’:

1. To bring into actuality; effect or make real: fulfil their promises; fulfilled a dream.
2. To do, perform, or obey (a task or order, for example); carry out.
3. To meet (a requirement or condition); satisfy.
There is always potential for fulfilment and contentment as it can be achieved in many different ways, but essentially it is in the ‘doing’, the acting on, the bringing into reality.
The need for global change has been accelerating in an unprecedented and concentrated way since the 1960’s when awareness of global issues were becoming talked about and presented on world platforms. With the invention of the internet, this awareness platform has increased even faster and now reaches every ‘corner’ of the globe.
So what is behind it, what’s the intention?
I believe it is all about BALANCE. The balance of our very existence is out of kilter. Since the very first concept of war being a forceful opportunity for gain, the natural balance of the planet and civilisation became dominated by this force. Everything in existence scientifically has a masculine and feminine force. It is YIN-masculine-positive and YANG-feminine-negative.  In 1992, John Gray, an American author and relationship counsellor with degrees in meditation and psychology, wrote a book many of us are familiar with ‘Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus’.  I read this book not long after it’s first publication, but was not in a ‘mature’ enough place to fully understand it!  In essence it relates to the fundamental differences between the basic nature of male traits and female traits which influence how we behave as humans, and how to successfully navigate these natural tendencies in relationships with one another.
However, the axis of the world does not only turn on our personal ‘at home’ relationships with one another, it is driven by international relationships. It seems the acceleration of the need for change has come about in recognising the model of masculine  domination is no longer working. War, greed, destruction, self-gain for power, tyranny, dictatorship and oppression for thousands of years have only served to create more lack. It has become counter-productive, it has gone beyond the point of effective and thus, too far.  The tide has turned because of survival, restoring the balance and the necessary reintroduction of the feminine qualities. This does not mean a mass-feminist movement in power taking over, it means the reintroduction of love for our fellow human beings instead of hatred and separation, together with compassion and peace.
There is already a great deal being done to redress the balance globally, but there needs to be so much more. Becoming united in any way we can to collectively steer the tide in this more balanced direction for the sake of our survival is all we should want for the generations of the future. Why have we been here if not to fulfil this legacy for those yet to come? Our love, equality and fairness for all the deserving children of human kind should be all the motivation we need.
To be continued…
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