Take A ‘Breather’… this is a really good Meditation

take the time

Breathing and the wonder of this incredible process is something we take for granted every second of every day. Making the time to just sit and appreciate the ability to breathe for 15 minutes is a great practice. If nothing else, it’s a way of being grateful for our health and the gift of life. ‘The Unbounded Spirit’ blogs by Sofo Archon were one of the first pages I would read regularly when my internal navigation system began steering me on a new route four years ago. I was being drawn to things I’d been marginally interested in before, but never really taken the time to pay too much attention to.  I had to stop and check myself frequently to question or establish where these new interests were coming from and the answer was always the same:  “It’s who you truly are in your soul, you’ve ignored it for far too long thinking it’s silly, or because you fear others will think it’s strange – just go with your heart and follow what it’s telling you.”

Now I realise I was being prompted by my own ‘interconnected’ energy to just let go and be who I really was, because that is exactly what we should all be doing. The lives we lead and have to experience and endure as human beings are the exact opposite of what the intelligence and soul were designed for! They cause our body systems turmoil, stress, illness, sadness, confusion, resentment, anger and many other negative emotion overloads that we then have to work out a way to repair, give treatment to or heal.  Love, inner peace and harmony have been overshadowed by high demands on us and the constraints of financial obligation.

Giving ourselves the time, space, freedom and attention we need is so often pushed way down to the bottom of the list of ‘life.’   It is not ‘selfish’ or a crime to insist on being kind to ourselves, in truth, it is extremely detrimental to our well being if we don’t!  If we do not set aside the time to ‘invest’ in our own needs with the things that truly feed our soul and growth, and to replenish what is drained from us, no one else will. We cannot rely on another person or relationship to falsely create this wholeness of self for us, other people only have a certain role to play within the bigger picture.  It is only when we stand back from all other demands being made of us and ask, “What is I need? What is it that I want from this? Am I getting what I expected from this situation?” that we can truly be more loving and kind to who we really are on the inside, not just the version of ourselves that we want others to see and that we use as a ‘presentation’ to impress the outside world for appearances sake.  When we are being ‘in a role’ for someone else; a mother, a father, a wife/husband, a brother/sister/aunt/uncle/cousin/grandparent, an employee or a boss, a friendship, are we being our true self, or are we being what the other person ‘expects’ us to be?

I found out I had previously been living a ‘lie’ in quite a few areas of my life when this new journey began, I wasn’t allowing myself to be the creative person I truly was, which is probably why I never felt truly at peace in my heart. Awakening my true self and being happy and comfortable with all the changes I needed to make for the ‘better’ life I knew I needed in order to become whole, was a very bumpy and scary ride indeed to begin with and I had to strap myself in securely to avoid falling off the ‘ride’ completely!  I have alighted safely and the feelings are now so calm it’s as if I  permanently wrapped a big hug around myself and I found my way home. 

Taking the time to just breath and be ‘still’ with no input from anyone else, and concentrate on yourself and your own feelings on a regular basis is so healing for our daily tensions. Unbounded Spirit happened to have posted one of the best of these meditations today which you can find below as I wanted to share it with you.  Steal yourself away and give yourself this 15 minutes to enjoy (even if it has to be in secret!) and I challenge you not feel better afterwards…

I wish you all a happy, healthy and abundant year ahead 🙂



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