When Life Feels Too Complicated, Reorganise the Energy of your Home


A great article from Sofo, author of the Unbounded Spirit website on the importance of regularly reorganising our home environment which creates more space around us.  In this ‘space’ is purer, cleaner energy. Having that space keeps the mind and body energy flowing better and more free from clutter and confusion.

Everything is made up of matter ~ the more ‘matter’ we own and clog our homes up with, the less our energy can flow freely and cleanly. This causes a build up of static negative energies that become trapped around us.  Understanding scientifically how energy moves and is carried is the evidence base for this.  Since human beings are also made of matter atomically, then it stands to reason that we are also subject to the laws of physics in this way! We as humans are no different to the objects we possess around us – we ‘hold’ and store negative and positive energies in exactly the same way. The regular cleansing and reorganising of our ‘stuff’ and our ‘energy’, be it with our possessions or our bodies and minds is absolutely crucial to good, natural, healthy living which in turn continually assists our happiness and wellbeing.

And as the saying goes ~ Keep it Simple! We are our own worst enemies and are more often than not the cause of our own confusion and calamity, the more unnecessary ‘stuff’ we’ve got going on around us, the more things go wrong and the less happy we’re likely to be! If we are continually striving for wealth, pushing ourselves to be the ‘winner’ all the time in constant competition with everyone and everything we do, then aren’t we missing the point of how to be truly fulfilled from the very core of our insides?  Being able to identify with who we are at our core is where true contentment lies. Being able to ‘match’ our God-given talent and potential at whatever level it sits IS already good enough.  Finding what makes us happy from the inside at our core is really all we need to strive for. Is the lollipop lady who served the same job for 50 years and has just received an MBE this year as part of the Queen’s New Year’s Honours list any less of an achievement for society than a pop star who is awarded a knighthood? Not in my eyes, they have both served their communities, whether local or global, with their heart and soul.

Regular de-cluttering (seasonally) and clearing the cobwebs away to make clean, fresh space in the home is also a cathartic exercise for the mind. It assists the mind simply through the process with prompts of what’s important and what’s not, and reminds us of the need to prioritise and reorganise into a better assemblance of order. Seeing our possessions neat and orderly is satisfying and makes us feel much more in control of our surroundings, which makes us feel happier. If your life is feeling out of control, or you are feeling no longer in control of it, it could be time to shed all that is not necessary and go back to basics.

Enjoy this read from the Unbounded Spirit blog on the benefits of simplifying our living: https://theunboundedspirit.com/minimalist-living



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