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The Brain is a Microcosm


So, where do we start?  How do we begin to pay attention to making changes for the better after we’ve established that what we’ve been doing previously isn’t working? First things first, we have to start with the will to make some necessary changes, we have to find the courage and intention to say, yes, I want certain things to be different from now on. To really want to end a vicious circle we may have been stuck in for some time without even really realising it, is the only motivation you need to keep up the continual momentum of improvement.

We need to ask ourselves “Why does this/that keep happening?”

The time to do this would be around the same time you may be cursing and swearing at your bad luck or misfortune. When you might be saying “For Heaven’s sake, why me?”

“Why do I always get stuck in traffic when I’m in a hurry?”, “What on earth did I do to deserve this?”, or “Oh, that’s just my rotten luck!”  but without even knowing it, every time we speak this way we are sending out messages with negative connotations to the Universe. We are all familiar with the saying ‘whatever we put out, we get back’, and that’s because it’s absolutely true!  If we choose to use and abuse the words created in the language of our native tongue far too flippantly and without meaning – not realising there is a power in every single word we speak. Realising this can literally change your life.

I often felt I was plagued with all different kinds of misfortune and tragedy in my life until now, and I didn’t understand at the time that I could make a difference because I was in the ‘victim’ cycle where I thought everything was ‘being done’ to me.  There was common thread with me throughout the whole of this time, and it was “When are things gong to start to improve in my life? I’ve worked hard all my life, I’ve studied a great deal to improve myself academically, I’ve essentially been what I considered to be a ‘good’ person on the right side of the law, yet still I don’t seem to able to say I’m truly happy or content. I slog away at this routine day after day, so why have I not seen enough of a reward back?  If I’m not seeing the rewards, then what is the point of all this hard work? What am I doing wrong?”

If you’ve ever found yourself reeling off these expressions and questions about how you’re feeling about life in general too, then I believe the blogs to come will be of great interest, and hopefully benefit to you.  The information and texts within these pages became so significant to me when I realised the principles can be adopted by anyone. It shouldn’t matter who you are, or where you’re from, the principles remain the same.

It’s the beginning of making investments the future. The future of yourself, as well as the future world we will live in. We can ALL make a difference and a contribution no matter how small, because collectively, all those individual seeds of positivity we start to sew will grow and grow like trees, and branch out to make a difference in the lives of many.  Everything we do or say has a ripple effect, it will multiply outwards in ever increasing circles.  To ensure the energy of what we are sending out is good and positive energy we have to be as good and as positive as we can in ourselves. We are the model for the changes we wish to see, it starts and ends with us, in other words – we have to decide if we want to grow in our appreciation positively and happily, or if we don’t care that we become responsible for ‘killing’ that positivity, by focusing much more on selfish hatred, greed, bad things from the past, all the things or people that irritate you instead of all the things or people that please you. You are the ‘drop’ in that ocean of energy and force. 

The question is therefore easy: Do you want that force to be good and happy, or evil and sad? And the answer is: Whatever you want that force to be, it starts with you.

ripple effect


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