Our Lifestyles of Today are Literally ‘Microwaving’ the Human Body

Bioelectric frequencies

Electromagnetic Fields and The Natural Human Frequency

Our modern lifestyles are basically ‘microwaving’ our human systems…😭 We are having to endure living in much lower frequencies than the human body naturally resonates with in line with the finely balanced electromagnetic fields of the universe in order to maintain a healthy biological balance.  We are ‘trading off’ the significant rise in cancers, autism and other human conditions being made worse by electromagnetic fields and technological interference we have created within them for the sake of convenient communication and profit.  We are disrupting the natural human frequencies far beyond that which the incredible human organic system can repair. The interference is directly affecting our whole system, in particular the heart’s electrical activity and our brains. Everyone should spend a mere hour and a half watching this, or if you feel you can’t spare it – at least watch from 59 minutes onwards – it is a battle we may almost certainly be set to lose, but changing our lifestyles can at least be a start to counteracting some of the effects:


Low frequency effects on the body

NASA EM Spectrum

But all is not lost. We can take measures to attempt to counteract these effects firstly by using food as a ‘medicine’ and secondly by eliminating as many other toxins as we can from what we put in our bodies to give our natural systems a fighting chance to repair itself at a cellular level, and deliberately boost our own immune systems. If Melatonin is the brain’s natural repair boosting chemical, then it is sacred. Eating melatonin-rich foods and continually decreasing the amount of free-radicals in our system will mean whatever effects we have to suffer and endure throughout the day can have a better chance of being restored while we sleeping:


We are an incredible organism, but we are selling ourselves short when it comes to taking more responsibility for our own health. There are plenty of attainable ways we can at least try harder with to give ourselves the best chance.

healthy lifestyle


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