Are you Open-minded or Closed?

When our levels of consciousness need to be raised in order to maintain wellbeing at every stage in our lives 💖 EVERY human being is a work in progress of CONTINUAL growth from birth till death – Holding on to judgement inhibits our abilities – never stop learning or close yourself off from new experiences 😁 The day we stop being prepared to develop knowledge is the day we should be prepared to die 💫🌀 Are you sleeping in the 3-D,💤 or are you AWAKE and ‘Open’? 😀☯️☮️

3-Dimensional thinking is everything in the lower section of the chart. 4th Dimension thinking starts at Courage and goes through to Reason. 5th Dimensional thinking is having gone passed the attachments we make to all things to a place where other peoples’ energy and emotions cannot shake us at our core. Our core strength has become stable enough to allow the energies to simply pass ‘through’ us without toppling us over, or ‘tossing us about in the wake of the storm’.

power vs. force kinesiology map

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