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“What We Think, We Become.”

Many who are creative, thoughtful, open-minded and passionate human beings will often experience more difficulty negotiating a world in which mankind has created so much negativity and destruction. Our love and sense of protection towards all living beings is often a heavy burden. Our souls live in a place of harmony with a deeper understanding of who and what we humans are as part of this beautiful planet, our Mother Earth. All too frequently this desire for harmony within the flow of our natural energy is disrupted. This is when the ‘break’ occurs. The best analogy I can give is that it’s like a very powerful battery that has been drained of it’s charge. Metaphorically speaking, if I was a smartphone, you would expect a certain level of performance and charge. Using too many pages or apps simultaneously will drain the battery faster. The same can be said of a human being.

What I have now come to realise is that every ‘break’ in the structure of my life, or every unexpected interruption (mostly in terms of negativity) has been a wake-up call. An opportunity and prompt to look at who I’ve been and whether or not that’s worked for me, in order to assess if that is how I want to stay, or repeat – or if it is not working for me and all those around me, so therefore it’s time to look at how I’m operating in order that I many make improvements and begin to get more of what I want in my life and much less of what I don’t!

Making the decision to WANT things to be different, not just in your life, but in the lives of all those around you too is no mean feat! We can all say in conversation “I wish I didn’t have to do this job everyday” or “If things had been different I wouldn’t have ended up in this situation” but just saying it in passing will not achieve anything except throwing out yet another to moan or complaint into the Universe!  When the time comes when you want things to be different, that will be the time to ACT.   I started to realise that I very much wanted my life to be different four years ago when my first grandchild was born.

The ongoing journey since has been both excruciating and exhilarating.   Re-examining who you are and what you’ve allowed yourself to become, mostly by habit and through repetition is an arduous task, so why did I put myself through it?   I could’ve just said “Oh, it’s not so bad, I’m OK with life as it is” but that would have been a lazy lie, so the work on ‘myself’ began.

I’m just an ordinary person who has realised that in order to become ‘extraordinary’, increasing my awareness of HOW to get what I want in my life by using the right methods not the wrong ones. When you create the opportunity for yourself to begin to see the light, it is up to you whether you want it to just be a dim glow, or a brilliant and amazing bright light illuminating everything you do! The blogs will be a journal of just how far and wide I had to search in order to become more informed. The vast amounts of ‘answers’ to my questions became the information platform from which I could begin to work out how to launch the newer, more improved version of me that would become more sustainable, happy, peaceful and content, and as a result influence and benefit future generations to come. Understanding how ‘renewable’ we are biologically can change the blueprint of family genetics in ways we never thought possible. We should never just ‘settle’ for and blindly accept what we consider (and have been told) is hereditary. If we continue to play out the fates of our forefathers – and mothers, then we are simply buying in to history repeating itself through the generations.  If those gone before have suffered too much in the way of tragedy and misfortune, then make a decision to turn it around. Any parent can do this with the strength and fortitude and the understanding of what can be achieved. Break the mould! Break the cycle and create a new one!

I am here to share with anyone who may have the same sentiment, or is suffering unnecessarily from simply not being to ‘see’ that way out of a family life you may feel trapped in. It takes a little courage and a lot of effort, but the past four years work have started to pay off.  At this point I wanted to waste no more time and begin to share the techniques I used that led to the success of much better ‘breakthrough’ moments, because if I can do this – anyone can!  Many out there may have said I was the least likely person – but the proof will be in the pudding and seeing is believing!

So when we jokingly say  “Awww, c’mon, gimme a break!”  it is much more relevant and accurate than we realise – it’s a clue and a prompt to start feeding your soul differently!

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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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