01.01.2019 ~ Featured link: Found this article which further explains the ‘Human Contact’ blog I wrote last week:



Following on from yesterday’s blog: 21.10.18, saw this article today in validation: Copy & paste this URL into your browser if link does not open…Thank you Creative Systems!



Dandapandi on transferring emotions either trapped or resting in the subconscious:



GLOBAL ONENESS DAY is put together each year by Humanity’s Team (Steve Farrell) as a sharing of talks and resources for raising the vibration of spiritual oneness throughout a webinar day.  This year it was 24th October, 2018 the 24 hr period of the full Hunter’s Moon.

Here is an opportunity to scan through the collection of videos from the day and watch those which interest you the most:


30th October, 2018

A few days after I wrote the ‘How To Tell if The Universe/God is Trying to Get Your Attention’ page I saw this article along similar lines:

Monday 19th November 2018

A micro explanation of the need for Vitamin D:


For SADS sufferers, you can watch the film below as a much more comprehensive explanation of the evolutionary changes that have hugely contributed to the seasonal disorders of those much more susceptible to seasonal change:

Ivor Cummins, BE(Chem), CEng MIEI

Leveraging the knowledge of the foremost experts in the field, I can now release what I believe is a comprehensive explanation of the Vitamin D story. It’s benefits are difficult to disentangle from those of healthy Sun Exposure though – the beneficial effects of D status may be hugely due to the sun exposure that got your D up! I use sun and UV sources to achieve my D levels as a result, not supplementation. Other key elements like K2, A, Mg etc are inextricably linked also, but here we focus mainly on D. Reverse Causality applies also – people who have inflammatory issues and are obese may drive down their D status, but data on this is sparse – but keep it in mind. Also important is that DAILY supplementation rather than big bolus dosing is used – the half-life of D3 is only a couple of days. This Seminar is of interest to Mothers & their Children particularly (e.g. see 15:00:00 to 21:00:00 segment), to avoid probability of serious chronic diseases, in childhood and beyond. The main message is that blood levels of D should be targeted towards healthy evolutionary levels, ideally through access to UVB / healthy sun exposure (NO burning). So to stress again: there is a lot of associational “correlation but possibly not causation” data in this, and there is every possibility that Sun exposure delivers more benefits than D3 supplements (by the production of many other photoproducts in the skin), and also the modern carb-inflamed/diseased population may be causal in driving down 25(OH)D status (e.g. the obese people with low D – is it their fat sequestering away the D, or is their inflammation driving down their status?) Anyway, thanks for watching!

Ivor Cummins BE(Chem), CEng MIEI December 2014

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