BE the Change You Want To See (Part 2)

Be the light

The ebb and flow of universal energy is a continual motion, like breathing in and out, like the tides of the oceans; in and out.  In mindfulness and meditation, concentrating on the breath, and breathing in and out realigns us with this natural rhythm of the energy of life.  We’ve all been caught up at some time or another in that almost panic-stricken state where everything seems to be happening all at once and you don’t even know where to begin to make things calm down or become more manageable. When this happens and our lives are more busy than fulfilled they can be much more difficult to make sense of and agitation, overthinking and confusion can begin to attack our confidence, health, performance or abilities.  To keep the balance of energy, we also need to practice how to be still.  Social media is a very useful tool for information sharing, but like most great and lucrative opportunities, it is widely exploited and misused.  It promotes the comparison of many negative aspects of our lives in the world around us today that in turn create ‘frenzy’ and ‘copycat’ trends which are heavily weighed down with the seven deadly sins; pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth.  If we can imagine in our mind that the whole planet needs to stop for a moment, take a pause and breathe ~ expanding and contracting in an effort to realign itself, then we can start to understand that this is exactly what the Earth is struggling to achieve.

To restore the balance, we need to concentrate on how to ‘lighten the load’, first with ourselves and then outwardly expanding into community and farther global reaches.  We need to shed all of that which no longer serves us or does us no good. If the majority of the past 3,000 years has been dominated by the overly-charged, all too often aggressive, masculine drive and overt displays of power of force, can we honestly put our hands on our hearts and say it’s still working, effective and inclusive?  Out of the current 7 billion population on the planet, I would estimate that several billion no longer agree with these methods. They are no longer effective, but destructive and they are not inclusive, but still exclusive.  The ‘counter-punch’ to re-dress the balance has to be love, kindness, compassion, the lifting up and encouragement of building each others skills, listening, understanding and learning without prejudice. Inclusion for the greater good of all is the only trend of survival, not selfishness, aggression, disparity and derision. Re-calibrating the Earth and it’s inhabitants needs the feminine qualities of nurture in order to bring about renewal.  Just as if the the human race were a child again, what would it need in order to grow in a successful and balanced way? Love, good food, shelter, encouragement, learning, good listening, support when it falls down or make mistakes, honesty, patience, to be treated equally and fairly, social interaction as opposed to isolation and protection from illness or harm.

If we can give these things, firstly to ourselves, then to each other as the precious species we are and also to the planet ~ it would naturally follow that the strength of our true purpose and fulfilment as humans to grow and flourish can be achieved without the feeling that it will always be a struggle or a battle. Life was never meant to be a continuous battle that had to be ‘won’.

let your light shine

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