Human Contact ~ The Need for Community


Modern technologies and inventions since the early 1900’s are a paradox of ‘connection’. It has been said all too often in recent times that the sense of ‘community spirit’ has been lost due to the high demands of work and family leaving very little time left over for thinking about, or being with other ‘groups’ of people around us who are not directly involved in our day-to-day living.

Nowadays, we are probably more likely to refer to a ‘community’ as an online digital collection of ‘friends’ sharing like-minded interests and views.  This is however, something of a contradiction in terms unless these communities actually meet face-to-face on a regular basis. Online communities are a virtual connection which is incredibly convenient,  but if the entire world wide web collapsed and ceased overnight, how would we feel about it?

human connection

No amount of technology can replace the shared energy of a gathering of human beings. Everywhere we go we take our ‘energy’ with us. The state of the energy we carry can be ‘felt’ by other people and likewise, theirs can be felt by us.

we are energy

This means every human contact is a sharing of energy.  This ‘flow’ of energy is continually exchanged in person and in nature.  The variations in the strengths of our energies can affect others in quite large quantities. For example, that moment when you’re in a room full of people and one person comes into the room and has an immediate effect; we might say “They lit up the whole room!” or “Did you feel the whole mood of the room turn sour when they came in?” according to whether or not they carried positive or negative energy with them.

humans exchange energy

Being more aware of these invisible changes in energy allows us to be much more in tune with our internal compass.  If we follow the guidance of what physically and emotionally makes us feel comfortable or uncomfortable, empowered or deflated, etc. then we should be able create our own ‘community’ tailored to our individual needs.  Seeking out human contact with shared interests in a variety of groups can serve to ‘tick the boxes’ of activities or the types of people we enjoy being around, such as sports, country walks, quiz teams, faith locations, yoga/meditation groups, music or singing groups, art and painting, philosophy, cars and motorbikes, fishing, knitting, cooking, the list is endless!

The more we can access the positive shared energy within these groups, the more ‘healthy’ we should feel. We all naturally gravitate to the types of human connection where we can express the same behaviours that make us feel better, happier, more accepted and more ‘fired-up.’  Giving ourselves the time to spend with these groups and communities can give us a much greater sense of purpose and well being. Making the effort to be with groups and like-minded communities can literally recharge our own energy levels and give us more appreciation and motivation for our other daily commitments.

work life balance




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