Why Winter Can Make Us Feel Down

recharge the brain

Many people tend to feel much better in the warmer Summer months and more down in the dumps or suffering from illness in the colder Winter months, but often we don’t really identify with why.  The human body ‘flows’ with the elements of the seasons in very much the same way as energy and electricity flows throughout the atmosphere.

The natural resting state of cells in the human body is negative.  When positive charges and energies are regularly introduced into the human body, the cells attract the positive charges where it’s needed.

We all know that during the summer months, we are given the gift of this additionally needed voltage, or charge freely from the sun, together with a great deal more oxygen from being able to spend many more hours outdoors.  The sun’s rays provide a constant stream of light and electrons which are naturally absorbed by the human body through the skin and translated into more positive energies within the cells, resulting in many feeling much brighter and happier in themselves.  In the winter months, due to the significant reduction in natural light it is more difficult to balance the body’s energy.  Extra boosts of positive ‘charges’ are needed to assist with immunity and general mood.  This also relates to the hormonal systems requirement of a steady positive ‘electrical’ charge to assist neurotransmitters. Many people have started to include Vitamin D during this time to help combat these lower levels.

hormones and neurotransmitters


In order to recharge our systems in the winter and give our ‘body-batteries’ the electrical boost they need during the Autumn and Winter seasons we must make a much more concerted effort to introduce the positive charge our bodies need by purposefully making time for activities and pursuits that can create this extra electricity.  For many it can be a challenging time as the body and mind function seems to slow down considerably, which can affect quality of life for periods of up to 5-6 months each year.  If this sounds familiar, between September and March it becomes necessary to pay much more attention to making a winter plan or timetable that includes making deliberate adjustments.  Please bear in mind that if your body and mind descend into a state of extreme negativity in the darker months, it would be advisable to seek medical assistance from your GP in order to find ways to help boost the entire system as quickly as possible to avoid further descent:

winter difficulties of negative cells


The body and mind need the best balance of charge that can possibly be achieved with each individual, and there are many ways this can be co-ordinated according to what each individual is able to access. Many achievable ways to increase positivity to the cells ourselves include:

Singing or dancing, going out for a walk to increase oxygen levels (or choose one of a vast range of any other outdoor activities to boost immunity), laughter and being in good company creates a positive charge of electricity, being creative in order to give yourself that ‘feel good’ factor – like painting, creating music, making craft, being inventive, crosswords, board games. Listening to music if it’s awful weather to go out in, making a wonderful meal and cooking for the sheer enjoyment, going to church to absorb the love, kindness and compassion of others, sharing a dog walk. Playing any sport or swimming, running, a weekly trip to the gym. Being in the company of family and friends and sharing children’s activities, joining a club where participants have a shared interest or volunteering once a week at a local organisation of your choice. These are just a few of a multitude of examples which will bring a positive recharge to overly negative cells in the body during the less light and less warm months.

We should also be aware that the regular avoidance of unnecessary toxins such as alcohol, tobacco- smoking, coffee, high levels of sugar through sugary food, processed carbohydrates and high fat dairy produce will assist in ‘cleansing’ the body system as well, helping to keep a more balanced and regular ‘flow’ of electrons throughout the body.  Continually high levels of stress would also need addressing as a form of toxicity in the system.  A fine body-balance is needed daily, as we cannot realistically expect our systems to  ‘run on empty’ for extended periods of time.

When we take charge of ourselves and take care of our own body’s needs with the same amount of kindness and love we give to others, we can make significant differences to our own health.  When we are mindful that biologically our body system can alter with the seasons, then we need to take whatever action may be required to counteract these seasonal fluctuations according to our individual needs and get ready and equipped.  Each winter, designing a bespoke winter ‘timetable’ for ourselves is giving ourselves a treatment plan to increase our wellness.  A continually depleted system is not sustainable, and could result in illness or worse if not looked after.

If we can make more time to ‘plug ourselves in’ to things that boost the health of our system, together with things we enjoy doing, we stand a better chance of keeping our ‘batteries’ charged with better energy levels and wellness throughout the darker months.


Read a linked article: ‘Studies That Prove Spending Time in Nature Can Improve Health’ here: https://theunboundedspirit.com/5-fascinating-studies-prove-physical-mental-health-benefits-spending-time-nature


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