Everything we as humans do or say in all our encounters with other living beings has an effect on the interconnected forces of energy.  How we understand this and what we believe in culturally changes over time. For example, the Egyptians believed that the Sun was the all powerful God as it was the ‘giver of life’, and indeed it was, for without the sun we would not exist. But like the Mayans who thought they could influence the gods with sacrifice (human or animal) what they did not understand was that the weather and seasons were not just determined by the Gods alone. Climates and seasons alter in and around the physics and chemistry of the Universe and are obviously, as we now know, much more to do with energy and forces within nature. That is not to say that since the late 17th century and the Industrial Revolution thereafter, man made machinery has not contributed to these atmospheric changes, because we are hugely aware through more recent study that it has.

Ancient civilisations had been able to record common spiritual threads in their beliefs and their religions:

1. Sumerians 3500-3000 BC (Mesopotamia) Babylon, Assyrians (Syria) Israel (Hebrew), Uruk, (Iraq) Egypt.

2. Egyptians, late-4th millennium BC.

3. Indus Valley, Northwest India and Pakistan, 5500 BC.

4. Norte Chico, Peru, Lima Andes region, 3000-1800 BC.

5. Dynasties of China, 4500-1000 BC. The Olmecs, Mexico, Mesoamerican (Maya and Aztec) 2000-300 BC.

6. Native American Indians, North America, Alaska, 10,000-1,000 BC.

7.  Serengeti Hadza, Tanzania, 40,000-10,000 BC.

8. The San (Bushmen) 20,000-5000 BC.

9. Bantu, South Africa, 2000 – 500 BC.

10. Aborigines and Mungo Man, Australia 40,000 – 1000 AD.

Their commonality was in their understanding that ‘Gods’ came from the stars and somewhere beyond the dark skies of the Universe. This deeply spiritual understanding is still the present thread of our beliefs today.  This tells me that no matter how many civilisations have come and gone in evolution right from 40,000 BC in the development of humans, into the Neolithic Age (New Stone) 6,000-4000 BC, to the making of tools from melting copper, bronze and iron by 800 BC, not much in the bigger picture of the Universe has changed!

That said, the more modern discoveries of the last 500 years or so are a great deal more advanced and rapid, but is this due a better brain structure? Not necessarily, together with the invention of tools for our discovery, we have simply been able to expand more in our learning, at the same time as expressing it more widely with scientific evidence and written data in order to provide a greater understanding.  We have learned and trained ourselves how to use the brain to a greater potential.  The earliest (currently known) records of ‘writing’ can be attributed to the Sumerians of Mesopotamia around 3,500 BC, who began carving into small stone tablets in order to be able to pass and share information.  It has taken us another 5000 years to advance that communication and information sharing into a digital format. However, the majority of that advancement has been only within the last 100 years, so being interconnected is definitely speeding up!

Sample texte sumerian tablet of stone

Each of the ancient civilisations began to develop their own ways of communicating, with sounds that began to form words and language, together with symbols that became written words and historical recording of events.

It doesn’t really matter which way it was interpreted through language or writing or art, the continual message that has always been present throughout the whole of time is that the knowledge, wisdom, love and abilities of the ‘Gods’ within the Universe are truly superhuman and so much greater and more powerful than we are as humans. The everlasting and compelling quest of discoveries in order to find out what and who we are, push our invention and creativity forwards. If we are not inquisitive, then there will not be enough of a driving force behind continuing that development in the future, and we too could die out (or be wiped out) as a civilisation also.  After all the effort and application of our intelligence, it would be a tragic waste if we too, were only to be recorded in the annals of history as just another species that did not survive because it could not find the answers to the true meaning of life or reason for our existence! We are still supposedly only using about 10% of the human brain, but with the discovery of computing we are learning how those qualities can be replicated in alternative forms. This is all very clever (and expensive!) but it leaves me wanting to know, are we being too clever for our own good, and that, in fact the answers we seek really do lie much more simply in the deeper understanding of our own spiritually, since evidently throughout history, it is the basis of everything we have always truly known. We are interconnected with the Universe, our human bodies are already minuscule replicas of all of it’s elements both physically and chemically.

john lennon


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