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There are a great number of subjects I have delved into regarding the how the human mind and body perform. Science, biology, physics and chemistry are the fundamental subjects of my study, further branching out into quantum and metaphysics, and other universal structures.

Categories of study have included:

  1. Mind and Body Health (inc. The Brain, The Central Nervous System, Fetal  Development, The 5 Senses/Sensory System, Heart and Circulation)
  2. Science and Nature and Their Elements (inc. Geology of the Earth, Evolution, Frequencies & Waves in Light & Sound, Conservation & Pollution)
  3. Ancestry and the Ancients (inc. Cultures of Indigenous populations of Assyrians, Mayans, Egyptians, Aborigines, American Indians, Shaman)
  4. Our Greatest Inventors (inc. Da Vinci, Edison, Newton, Einstein)
  5. Food and Nutrition Health (inc. We Really ARE What We Eat, Ketogenic Diet and Food Types)
  6. Emotional and Physical Well-being, Mindfulness and Meditation
  7. Basic Physics and Chemistry (inc. Electromagnetic Fields, Periodic table, Light & Solar Energy, Electricity, Atmospheric Toxicity)
  8. Astrophysics and the Cosmos
  9. Religion and Faith
  10. Mental Health Conditions & Disease
  11. Feeding the Soul and The Gateways to Enlightenment

I did start to ask myself ‘Where on earth are these very in-depth questions and compelling thirst for knowledge coming from?!’ It was all quite mind blowing in the beginning, but the more connections I make between the inter-relatedness of these subjects, the easier it becomes.   It is my sheer determination to be more fulfilled in life and to be the best version of myself I can be.   Boiled down into really easy terms it is starting to make perfect sense.  Like everything else in life, we as humans have a tendency to make it vastly complicated!   Fundamentally speaking though, the principles are relatively simple.  Perhaps being ‘blinded’ by inordinate amounts of science and complex information has only served to create a confusion around so many today.  Does this mean that ignorance really is bliss and knowledge is power, or is wisdom what we should be striving for to attain peace and contentment in the battle to motivate and navigate our way through the challenges?

Safe to say, when I realised that we are all (as humans) minuscule little replicas of the Universe around us, things began to ‘slot in place’ a lot faster!  The energy we create around ourselves is a direct reflection of how we are ‘operating’ as a human being. We are an outstandingly incredible machine with capabilities WAY beyond that which we use. If you were to compare us to the most advanced standard of computer, we would easily out perform it by miles!  It will take many more years yet to come before we are any where near close to replicating the human potential in computer form, if ever! Technology and Artificial Intelligence are able to produce the physicality of humans in robot form, together with varying degrees of a ‘thinking’ brain, but will it ever be possible to create an android with a soul?

We should all hope not, or it will surely lead to our extinction!

android child



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